We offer an innovative solution specifically designed for artisanal fishing. It is a satellite tracking and control beacon

Our Approach

The impacts of a rapidly changing world on the artisanal fishing sector become more and more

 meaningful as we let’s move towardsthe middle of the century.

This sector therefore has no choice, we have to develop a new vision for the control and capture of fisheries, and at LAMBDA BETA, innovation is in our genes.

We offer an innovative solution specifically manufactured for artisanal fishing. This is a satellite monitoring and control beacon.

We have already deployed it successfully in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea precisely in Senegal in agreement with its government.

Vessel Locator Beacon

The VLB ™ is our solution to ensure the protection of fisheries
and the preservation of the marine ecosystem.
It is easily usable.


AGILTRACKVMS ™ is our mapping software. It is a latest generation application developed for marine and
coastal navigation.


Our Approach

The LAMBDA BETA VMS solution was designed for those involved in fishing to allow a sustainable use of marine resources.
Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated fishing which is a major global threat to the long-term viability of fisheries and the preservation of healthy and productive ecosystems.

LAMBDA BETA VMS helps regulatory authorities to monitor good fishing practice.

The objective for us is to guarantee Safety at sea, Fisheries management and real-time data control.

Our Approach

The VLB (Vessel Locator Beacon) is a satellite tracking and location device for artisanal fishing. It is completely autonomous.

Our beacon is intended to be on board boats, boats, canoes or other mobile floating devices in order to locate their movements on a body of water.

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